Yay guys, as of today I have officially completed one month of classes here at good old Penn State. There is already so much I have learned, about what my favorite hangover food is, the PSU Alma Mater and fight songs, how stupidly rainy it is here but also how beautiful it can be, how frat houses are scummy and drunk girls are all kinds of slutty. I’ve seen and heard it and learned it, but there are more important things that have already come out of my time spent here. 

1.Oh my god if you’re not happy with yourself stop expecting people to be falling all over you. 

   This is actually a message to myself in the midst of my “oh why does no one like me here omg guise I’m so fugly.” And for me it’s that I know that I’m not quite comfortable in my skin yet here. I’ve always been a little slow to get adjusted fully and I’m still taking my time. But I’m learning very quickly that until I get out of my silent (and not so silent-sorry friends) moments of what the fucking fuck is wrong with me that no guys even notice me, that no one will actually notice me. 

2. But it’s okay not to be noticed. And stick to whatever values you came here with, or decided to cling to. 

   I’m grouping these together mostly because I have nothing better to do. But I came here understanding that I’m one of a few virgins (wahh my roommate the other day was making fun of me for being a baby cause I’m one of the 2 virgins in the room) and one of the few girls not yet ready to lose that magical V card. I guess that’s kinda random, but I also came here knowing that I didn’t want to randomly, drunkenly, stupidly, hook up with random guys. I came here in a committed relationship that has since ended (oh my more to come) but my mind hasn’t changed. So I don’t dress scantily when we go out and I don’t intend on throwing myself at anything with a dick. So that does change a lot of the attention, or lack of it, that gets placed towards you. It’s a matter of being ok with your decisions. 

3. Do what makes you happy. 

   This is so easy it sounds stupid and I’m sure you’ve heard it so so so many times that it maybe makes your ears bleed a little. Sorry, but I had to say it. If breaking up with your boyfriend because he doesn’t talk to you enough and it makes you sad will lead to your eventual happiness do it, (ahem) if hooking up with some random drunk frat guy makes you happy do it (but carefully please oh god), if you want to get piss drunk and give yourself alcohol poisoning and spend the rest of the night with an intimate relationship with the garbage can fucking do it, shout out to my roommate who did that last weekend and threw up 20 times..poor child. Really though, stop telling yourself that you’re doing the wrong thing. If you’re acting within the bounds of adult than live with no regrets. 

4. Go to class

   Lord this shouldn’t be hard. I’ve only been here a month, haven’t missed a class. But my one roommate never goes and it’s so obnoxious because like its 20864720468720467n402496 times ten million dollars to be here. 

5. Don’t get all butthurt about whatever it is people are doing around you

    I’m kind of tired of people complaining about the “slutty girls” floating around campus or the dudes who just want to get it in. So what..they’re hormonally charged young adults in the prime of their life who are about to make some really shady decisions while under the influence but god just let them do what they want. That being said don’t look down upon the quiet virgin (ahem ahem) or the loud flirt who’s in a long distance relationship. Just let people live without getting upset. It’s that simple. Unless said person is your significant other and they’re upsetting you, you need to take a good hard look at yourself, reevaulate your priorities and move the fuck along. 

Thanks for anyone that stuck through that :]

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