Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair


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Bulldog Puppy by (tsuno_tokyo)

Bulldog Puppy by (tsuno_tokyo)

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i guess i dont mind them because they stamped me through the entry 

from girl to woman like someday 


ill feed my future child 

and  i can fill a v-neck t-shirt 

and maybe i will stop just being called cute


i hate them 

i hate them because they are where the cancer killed my grandmother

hidden in shame she died without ever going to a doctor


they are where the cancer tried to kill my grandmother

who would never go out in public without her wig because

she didnt want to embarrass herself

1 in 8 1 in 8 1 in 8 


they are where the cancer tried to kill my mother

who said no 


god damn she never gave up 

i hate them in the way 

"i heart boobies" or "staring is caring" was decided as effective

as if sexualization means effectiveness as if 

i cant be respected for my whole body instead of in parts

1 in 4 1 in 4 1 in 4 my chances have gotten worse

i hate them in the way “you have nice tits” has become a compliment

that i get offended and that means im a bitch that i “dont get it” 

fuck off 

seriously fuck you 

and i hate the way wearing a low cut shirt means dressing for attention when 

god damn i dress for myself 

i hate them


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this is all I need

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pipers reaction to polly and larry is my initial reaction to any relationship ever

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on the 8th day, God finally created love.
stitching Adam and Eve together at the wrists
and weaving their fingers together,
“this is what it means to feel safe,” he tells them,
“when the world gets too loud, this is what it
means to grow quiet again.”
He introduces them as lovers to the snake in the garden
and he makes them memorize the way their eyes move when
they are nervous, excited, aroused, joyous, disappointed,
he tucks them away that night
and whispers to the stars to dance for them -
to create a show that causes love to form, to flourish,
to explode within their mouths.
He teaches Adam to tuck Eve’s hair behind her ear
and shows Eve where to place her hand on Adam’s back when he gets frightened.
Adam and Eve eventually fall into step
and into their lives as if they were
created for this love.
They kissed every night before bed as if the world could
end the next day.
They attached and reattached every night
like suction cups on bathtubs and Eve giggled when Adam
farted and Adam cried when Eve said, “you’re beautiful, too, you know.”
every morning they would wake up and look into the other’s eyes and say, “we were created for this love, our souls intertwined with this love - I only want you.”

on the 253rd day, God was forced to create a word for “goodbye”
a sound for sadness, a place in our chest that hurts when someone leaves, but he forgot to create the reason why.
When Adam and Eve fell out of love,
they did not know how to communicate it. They did not know how to say,
“you were so special to me, I won’t ever forget you.”
They could not stay in the same area for long without one
of them crying
or screaming obscenities while asking why the other did not love them anymore.
God forgot to tell the stars to stop dancing every night
and he did not erase the desire Adam had for Eve’s hand on his back
or Eve’s desire to need Adam to brush her hair out of her face when she was tired.
They prayed, separately, every night to the God who had made them fall in love and then forgot to teach them how to cope with endings and unrequited love
and they asked him, “What did I do? Will love ever return? Why
do I feel empty now?
Why do I feel lifeless? Why can I not forget?”


Amanda Helm, Adam and Eve (via amandaspoetry)

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We numbered the days with
how strong the pain was.
We doused out hearts in gasoline
and kissed with matches in our teeth.

But fires die out and we forget
that it’s okay to stay in love
when it does not burn.


Amanda Helm, Our Love was Flammable  (via amandaspoetry)

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The pride in his eyes in that last cap

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I don’t want to be begged I am turned on by a steady affection, an unwavering rationality I want you to do my taxes